This section uses parts of the code created in previous tutorial parts.

If you've read previous Views chapter, you might already have some idea how watching works in Statek, but let's focus on it a bit more

Having the todos store ready, we can start watching it providing reaction function or using it inside react view component.

const Todos = view(() => {
return <div>Current todos count is {todos.list.length}</div>;

This will give us such output:

Current todos count is 2

By default, watch reaction function will be called for the first time instantly. Manual reaction calling will be covered in next sections of this docs.

While watching is running or we're rendering any component using the store, we can modify the store in any way and reactions watching it will be called automatically

todos.add({ name: 'C', status: 'todo', owner: 'Anna' });

Reaction and components using the store will be instantly called and new output will be

Current todos count is 3

Stop watching

At any point, we can stop watching reaction started with watch be using stop function returned from watch

const stop = watch(() => {
console.log(`Current todos count is ${todos.list.length}`);
// Don't watch anymore!

Reactions and re-renders are triggered only when used data changes.

If some part of the store is changed, but it was never used by some component or reaction - it'll not cause it to be called again.

Let's see it in our example by extending our store with some new data

const todos = store({
list: [], // Same as in previous examples
sharedWith: 'Anna',

Now, let's start using it

const SharedInfo = view(() => {
return <div>Your list is shared with {todos.sharedWith}</div>;

Note we're now using only todos.sharedWith part of the store, which means we can safely ignore changes made to todos.list.

Now, let's add new todo:


Changes will not triger reactions or components to be called again, as .list part of the store was never used.

If we'll however call

todos.sharedWith = 'Emma';

It will trigger reaction/component described above

Your list is shared with Emma